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Экс-министр финансов Британии назвал Терезу Мэй "живым трупом".

Катар в блокаде: Иран прислал пять самолетов продовольствия.

Александр Керенский - человек, который не арестовал Ленина.


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комитет «Открытый международный диалог»

 07.06.2017 Объявление о создании

Away from the national border problems between nations!. We have created a fictional Committee "Open International Dialogue". We have a legal license in Sweden .And we are so that we can have a legal license in other countries, That is challenges of our time!.
Humanitarian aid, human rights, Women's rights, Child Rights, The rights of the homeless and their inability to adapt to the characteristics of human civilization, and In their community and their state, They live in every place and in any country of the world and They have conditions and psychological problems. Communicate with us in different languages, it eases the burden of the different cultures and problems, That's why we have four languages - In an e-newspaper

 جريدة الكترونية  independent online newspaper  Oberoende tidning  Независимая Электронная Газета) , Of course we have a dream to be more. When we tell the truth, Not for political goals, But for the sake scientific objectives, are the results!. We arrived to it, Not here need to fear, and we are human beings, Our mind and tongue to express your opinion and what you see a mistake in our results

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  • Катар в блокаде: Иран прислал пять самолетов продовольствия

    Александр Керенский - человек, который не арестовал Ленина

    редактирование: 00:00 PM (КОМД)
    КОМД @ 00:00 сервис
    Sun: 10:00 AM (КОМД)
    Sun: 11:30 AM (Центр)

    Domingo: Servicio en español at 11:30 (La Capilla)

  • Экзитполы: на выборах во Франции побеждает партия Макрона

    655 E. University Drive Mesa,
    Arizona 85203

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